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We are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for our customers.


» When was your last backup?

» Need data migrated to another device?

» Hard drive failure?

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When was your last backup?


At DigiBean we understand how valuable data can become to us, living in a digital world like we do today, we are constantly recording events of our lives or recording statistics of our businesses. Let us help you find the very best method to perform safe secure data backup solutions!

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Need Data Migrated to another PC?


Bought a new computer? Would you like your old Program's / User Account's / File's and or Setting's transferred from one PC to another?, or from one operating system to another? We can help! Don't risk data loss, Let us do the job right!

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Hard Drive Failure?


With DigiBean's affordable data recovery service, it is possible to restore critical personal & business information from hard drives that have fallen victim to accidental formatting, peripheral malfunction, software corruption, computer viruses, power surges and outages. Let us help you find the best solution to your data loss and a fail safe backup procedure to prevent future data loss from affecting you!


If you have ever lost crucial data in the past, you know how painful it could be, memories captured, lost in seconds... It can happen without warning. Are you prepared?

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» Think you have a virus or spyware problem?

» Computer slow and sluggish?


Think you have a virus problem?


In today's world it is so easy to catch a virus, these little critters can take control of your computer, they can quietly log all kinds of personal information, unknowingly as you continue to use your computer. They can corrupt operating system files, damage the registry and add unwanted programs to the startup. Let the pro's at DigiBean help you isolate and eliminate the unwanted Virus's/Trojan's from your computer and files.


We support a full range of Anti-Virus protection software: - Microsoft Security Essentials® - Symantec Anti-Virus® - Trend PC-Cillian® - McAfee Anti-Virus® - Avast Anti-Virus® - AVG® -Avira® - Kaspersky®


Are you Protected?


The Right Anti-virus is key in keeping your system safe, keeping that anti-virus up to date is Critical! Don't get caught by the newest virus / trojan / worm / malware without the latest anti-virus definitions.


Slow and Sluggish?


Do you feel like someone has replaced your computer with a slower one while you were sleeping? And restarting the computer doesn't work any more... its still slow!


Or What if you are one of the unlucky ones suffering from unwanted Pop Ups! The culprit here is generally Spyware. One of the most common problems today. 


If its just a little speed boost you need, let us take care of it! Rid yourself of the extra baggage!


»  Need more computer speed?

»  Need a new computer?


Need more computer speed? Or how about a whole new computer?


Whether you need a component upgrade, or a custom tailored PC build look no further than the DigiBean technicians. We will take care of it all, just tell us what you need and we will find the ideal components, at competitive prices!


Expanding the home front? And now you need your own wireless network at home?


Don't risk being caught without securing your network, service providers will still send a consumption bill your way. Secured wireless router installations, peripheral and software configuration. We do it all!


Is your computer's performance getting sluggish and slow? Are you plagued with annoying pop-ups / viruses?


A full hard drive format is performed and a Windows operating system is installed. The windows operating system will be that which is licensed via an OEM sticker, placed somewhere on the computer.


All of your hardware drivers and anti-virus updates are then installed for viral & spyware protection.


Starter applications such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Open Office (or Microsoft Office, if you have the license) & Windows Live are then installed, at your preference. 


We can have your computer's performance back to the original factory state (Or Faster) within 24-48 hours!

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