Professional Service with Flat Rates:


» Have you lost significant computer performance?

» Are you having difficulties connecting to various websites or programs?

» Does your computer suffer from unwanted pop-ups?

» Is your computer shutting down or making a new noise?


If the answer is “Yes” to any or all of the above symptons, Wait No More!


We have a Full PC & MAC repair service. We provide computer & technical consulting, repairs, networking, upgrading services and new builds customized just for you!

Don’t Panic!

DigiBean is here to fix all of your Computer and Smart phone troubles!


​Our Services Include:









Hardware Installation

Computer Tune-up & Inspection

Repair on Location

Here to Help you!

We take the time to explain preventative measures to keep Spyware & Virus's off your system. We help you stay protected!

Data Back-up Solutions
Virus Removal
New Tailored PC Builds
Data Transfer
Data Recovery
System Customization
Spyware & Adware Removal
Spyware & Virus Prevention
Home Networking
Up-grades & Back-up
Operating System Installation
Come in for a Diagnosis


Give DigiBean a call, we will confirm your computers stay with us and within 24-48 hours of your computer's arrival and diagnosis, it will be ready to go with all of its performance and personal data restored! As good as new!