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iMac & Macbooks Require Specialist Care.


DigiBean has the experienced staff to ensure your precious Mac is up and running again as soon as possible. We've been repairing Macs for years so we know what it takes. If you've got a faulty iMac or MacBook, we can fix it.

Macbook Rrepairs & Upgrades:


Below are some common Macbook Issues, that we can help with:


  • Laptop has no power

  • Laptop is overheating

  • Loose or broken DC power jacks

  • Blank Screen

  • Laptop has been dropped

  • Laptop shuts down or freezes

  • Slow running operating system

  • Virus or Spyware 

  • Laptop is not starting up properly

  • Damaged screen

  • Hard Drive failure

  • Turns on and off repeatedly

  • Shutting down randomly

  • Fan noise while running

  • Keyboard has stopped working

  • Missing or broken keys on keyboard

  • Liquid Damage

  • Battery does not charge properly or will not hold a charge

  • Keyboard, monitor, hard drive or CD/DVD replacement

  • Won't connect to the internet

  • MacBook Battery Replacement

  • MacBook DC-In Board Replacement

  • MacBook Display Replacement

  • MacBook Fan Replacement

  • MacBook Front Glass Replacement

  • MacBook Hard Drive Replacement

  • MacBook Heat Sink Replacement

  • MacBook LCD Replacement

  • MacBook Speaker Replacement

  • MacBook Logic Board Replacement

  • MacBook Lower Case Replacement

  • MacBook Microphone Replacement

  • MacBook Optical Drive Replacement

  • MacBook RAM Installation 

  • MacBook Upper Case Replacement


If you are thinking about upgrading your MacBook, we can add the necessary hardware to give it a boost, such as adding RAM or swapping out your hard drive for an ultra speedy SSD.

Here to help you!

We take the time to explain preventative measures to keep Spyware & Virus's off your system.


We help you stay protected!

iMac Repairs & Upgrades:


The Apple iMac is an engineering marvel. Our experienced technicians are experts at diagnosing computer faults. We can repair your iMac regardless of whether the fault is hardware or software related.


Below are some common iMac Issues, that we can solve:


  • The computer won’t start

  • The screen is blank

  • Abnormally functioning operating system or software

  • Operating system won’t boot

  • The screen is frozen

  • Overheating

  • Computer's too slow

  • Strange noises

  • Shuts down or freezes

  • Virus or spyware Infestation

  • Adware Infestation

  • Slow Internet

  • Internet connection issues

  • Hard drive failure

  • Needs an upgrade of the operating system

  • Hardware replacement

  • Data recovery

  • Unstable wireless

  • Cannot print

  • Mac Audio Board Replacement

  • Mac Bluetooth Board Replacement

  • Mac Camera Replacement

  • Mac Fan Replacement

  • Mac Display Replacement

  • Mac LCD Display Replacement

  • Mac Glass Panel Replacement

  • Mac Hard Drive Replacement

  • Mac Heat Sink Replacement

  • Mac Inverter Replacement

  • Mac IR Board Replacement

  • Mac Speaker Replacement

  • Mac Logic Board Replacemen


If you are thinking about upgrading your IMac, we can add the necessary hardware to give it a boost, such as adding RAM or swapping out your hard drive for an ultra speedy SSD.

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