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Is your computer's performance getting sluggish and slow? Are you plagued with annoying pop-ups / viruses?

We can have your computer's performance back to the original factory state (Or Faster) within 24-48 hours!


We start by manually backing up all documents / favourites / images / audio & video files and any locally stored e-mail providers (Outlook Express / Incredimail / Outlook & Windows Live Mail). Once these files have been removed from the computer, we scan it, removing any infected, problematic files.


A full hard drive format is then performed and a Windows operating system is installed. The windows operating system will be that which is licensed via an OEM sticker, placed somewhere on the computer. All of your hardware drivers and windows security updates are then installed as well as Microsoft Security Essentials (or the anti-virus of your choice) for viral & spyware protection.


Starter applications such as AdobeReader, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Open Office are then installed, at your preference. Your computer’s cleaned data is then transferred back to the freshly installed documents folder.


A physical cleaning inside and out of your computer’s tower is then done, inspecting every fan and reporting any that need to be replaced. Next, we remove the dried up thermal cooling compound and clean the processor and heatsink. Cooler Master IceFusion thermal compound is applied for CPU cooling and longevity. The power supply is cleaned and its voltage outputs are tested looking for any signs of low or erratic behaviour which could lead to failure.


Our technicians are very friendly and knowledgeable. If you have any further questions, please call us at 514 634 6000.

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